Discover Winchester Tourist Package Report 

This is the final major project for my master degree, and the topic of this project is about ’How could communication design revive the art of map reading for young tourist who are overly reliant on electronic navigations.’ The final result is a design kit that would encourage younger generation tourist (18-25 years old) to improve their map reading skills and to let them find out the beauty of the traditional map.

The reason why I chose this topic is based on a conversation with a taxi driver. The taxi driver told me that he thought the Sat Navigation and smart phones were not work as well as traditional printed maps. And he felt sorry that a lot of younger generations are losing their abilities of reading maps. Following the discussion, I thought there might be someone else also prefer printed maps rather than the Sat Nav. The Geographical Association says digital navigation helps you to get somewhere, but fails to tell you anything about your surroundings (Heap, 2015). Therefore, I chose to do a subject, which could create something to let the electronic navigation users to know and use more about traditional maps.

The working process was based on several secondary researches, which included the history of navigation, the diverse function of the map, and the techniques that used to navigate the journey. From the secondary researches, I found that the younger generations, who aged between 18 to 25 years old, almost lost their map reading skills. In the mean time, I collected some primary databases by doing some self-experimentation. With the tests, I found out that electronic navigations did not work so well and it might lead to some issues. As the BBC News (2009) reported, the Sat Navs lead drivers to be cliffhanger. It points out that users might spend more times on their journey or even lose by using electronic navigations. So I considered to create a kit with fun and could revive the traditional map.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 presetFigure 1.Discover Winchester Tourist Information Kit

I planned to create a smell guide of Winchester or a ‘draw your own journey campaign” to appeal target audience. But I finally chose to create a package guide as the final result. It named ‘Discover Winchester’ (see Figure 1), which is a small package with tourist guide and information. In the kit, it includes an A3 size city map, a brochure, a compass and some postcards. Most information is in the brochure, which could lead users to explore the city. According to my analysis of different countries and city maps, the visual hierarchy is a significant part to be designed an understandable and useful printed map. As Munari (1966) indicates that people need to have something to jump out and to capture audience eyes in the design work. It represents a successful design piece and needs to create with visual hierarchy.

Therefore, I create the final result with diverse colour blocks in the map and the brochure to enrich the users’ visual experience (see Figure 2). The info graphic is another way to help consumers to read, so I create some icons on the map. I also use these icons to make some postcards and users could send it to their families or friends as a proof of their lovely journey in Winchester.


Figure 2. Designed Discover Winchester City Map

To sum up, this work designed for young generation tourists who visit Winchester during their leisure time. It will help them to improve their traditional navigation skills and revive the art of map reading. The kit is designed as a recycling used piece and people could pick and return to it at information centre or train station. During this working process, I have learned a lot, even I was struggled by the info graphic design and how to exhibit the work. Finally, I do wish I could improve my information design skills as well.


Heap, T. (2015, May 1).Sat-nav And Mobile Apps ‘Threaten Map-reading Skills’BBC news. Retrieved from www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-32545974

Munari, B. (1966). Design As Art.Harmondsworth: Penguin Books.

The BBC News. (2009, March 25). Sat Nav CliffhangerBBC news. Retrieved from news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/7963783.stm


Figure 1&2 Self designed and photograph.



The Way of Showing the Final Result During the Exhibition.

A1 Poster-01

Image 1. Designed A1 Poster

Base on my design work, which is a Winchester city explore package, I decided to print a ‘map’ that could lay on the table (see Image 1). The final size of the poster is in A1 size, which large enough for everyone to see the details and the texts.  The  poster shows the details such as what collects inside the package. Therefore, audience could guess who might be the the projects users. The size of each items is the same size as the real product, so users could obviously see the size of the kit.I also point out the name of the design work, because I wanna let the viewer could  see the project from divers distance.


Image 1. Self Designed.


The Final Result Process.

  • Map-This designed as the winchester city centre maps, which shows several relevant information of visit Winchester. This map need to be use with the Tourist Guide and the compass.

Map      +Legend

Image 1. Navigation       Image 2. Add Legend

+Triangle      +Text

Image 3. Add Triangle       Image 4. Add Text


Image 5.Add Attraction Information

  • Guide Design-Audiences could find the informations from five different aspect, for instance, the introduction of Winchester(the welcome page), how to use the map with compass (the compass page), attractions information (attraction page), food&drinks information and the car park information.


Image 6. Guide Cover

Welcome       Welcome.2

Image 7. Welcome Page.1       Image 8. Welcome Page.2

Compass        Attraction

Image 9. Compass Page         Image 10. Attraction Page

F&D        Car Park

Image 11. Food&Drink Page           Image12. Car Park Page

  • Postcard Design-Users could send it to their families or friends to remind the wonderful trip to winchester.

A6.PostCard.Final3         A6.PostCard.Final5        A6.PostCard.Final7

Image 13.Postcard Front.1                 Image 14.Postcard Front.2              Image 15.Postcard Front.3


Image 13.Postcard Back

  • Kit Cover Design-I wanna make the Kit cover become attractive visually, which also have connection with the project targets. Therefore, I used the outline of the map design combined with some diagrams to create the kit cover.


Image 14. Kit Cover


All Image.  Self Designed.


The Initial Idea of the Guide Design Pieces

Here illustrates the initial tourist information and guide design process. In this work, I decided use different colour block to represent diverse sections. Such the Orange colour means food and drinks, the Mint shows Introduction & Welcome, the Yellow on behalf of Attraction section, the Dark Blue represent Car Park page and the light lavender means ‘have a good sleep’-Place to Stay. All the colours and the section connects with the information shows on the navigation. So the users could easily find the relevant information in the map or the guide.

Initial Guide.1

Image 1.Initial Guide Cover

Initial Guide.2

Image 1.Initial Guide WelcomePage.1

Initial Guide.3

Image 1.Initial Guide WelcomePage.2

Initial Guide.4

Image 1.Initial Guide AttractionsPage


The Initial Idea of the Navigation Design Pieces

  • Initial Map Design Process

MainRoad +Walk Road

Image 1.Main Road                                            Image 2. All Road

+River +Green

Image 3. Add River                                                Image 4. Add Park


Image 5.Add Attraction                                     Image 6.Add Food&Drinks

+Car Park

Image 7.Add Car Park


Some Ideas and sketches of Navigation and Kit Design.

The first idea come from a ancient Chinese game, which named 7even Tangram. As my thought, I planed to create the map in different layers, and print it on the tracing paper. In each layer, it will offers the information from one aspect of the city. Such as, the bottom layer should be the road distributes, the food&drinks information, attraction info, carpark info, and so on could be separate in diverse layer in the middle. For the front layer, it could be the project’s name. It will use one colour as a block in each layer, and they could be seen in both separate and together. Users could combine them in different ways, which might add some interests into the navigation.

Image 1.Map design Idea.1

The second idea I am thinking to use some simple sketches to illustrates different landform. And the viewers could guess the meaning of each icons.


Image 2.Map design Idea.2

The third idea is to create the map as a paper game. However, after the personal tutorial I talk with my tutor, we both think it might made the users more confuse and sad to do the map reading.


Image 3.Map design Idea.3

This is the initial idea that how I would like to create the kit and the tourist information guide. But I would like to make the guide open in landscape. So I do not follow this idea.


Image 4.Kit Cover Design Idea.1

The second idea comes from the outlines of the envelope. I think the consumers may want get and put the navigation and information guide easily. The users may not familiar with the city of Winchester, so they need get the map several times during the trip. And the open on front side, so they do not need worry about the inside stuff might drop off when they are walking. The different between idea 2.1 (see image 5) and 2.2 (see image 6)  is the layout and some details.


Image 5.Kit Cover Design Idea.2.1


Image 6.Kit Cover Design Idea.2.2


All Images. Self Sketching and Photograph.