Week2:The Advertising of Feel Good Drink rely’s on customer’s action

Reading:The People Formerly Known as the Audience

I would like to compare the difference between Traditional media and New media to find out how Feel Good Drink juice advertising campaign rely on consumer’s action.

I think there are three key difference between Old media and New media. In the first place is the form. The Traditional media works in many forms, for instance, television, radio, and paper (newspapers, magazines, books and posters). As the Old media, New media get involve with many different kind of broadcast ways as well. Through, the form of New media is much more digital, which connecting with high technologies, internet and website. Such as these three images show on the below, which are the blog, Facebook page and the twitter page of the Feel Good Drink. With the development of New media, the Feel Good Drink company do not need to print an actually poster for their advertising, they just need upload some images and illustrates onto their online community and could do the ads. And this is much more cheaper and easily way to let more people know about their brand.







Secondly, the audience have more freedom in New media broadcast rather than in old way. In contemporary society, people not just as an information receiver, also becoming a spreader. With the development of media, the audience get extend freedom of obtain and transmission messages. The audience themselves are turn into a kind of media. I found the fourth image from the FGD Facebook page. People upload their photo onto their Facebook and share it to their friends. This is a smart idea to do the advertisement! The consumer just need few click of their mouse, and thousands of audience from worldwide could see the information and add the comments. The reason why I think New media offers audience more freedom, because these comments turned into the new information and these audience turn as the media people.


Image4.FeelGoodDrink-Ads Campaign

The last is, New media’s spread speed is more fast than Traditional media. Due to the formerly audience begin to take participet in the broadcast system, there are many methods of people to communicate with others. And it is greatly improve to spread news. With the button ‘share’ in the website, people could share the experience of take FeelGoodDrink with worldwide people in few seconds. And the broadcast time is quite limited than traditional broadcast methods.

In conclusion, due to New media development, active audience act importantly of Feel Good Drink ads campaign. New media have some high technique methods to spread information; offers the people, who formerly known as audience, much more opportunities to broadcast the news; also speed up the time of communication. And all of these advantages enhance the effect of active audience on recent advertising campaign.


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