Reading:What Comes After Remix?

For me, I think remix could be understand as hybrid, which combine the old style and new idea in one piece of work. So remix culture is a society letting people or designers to combining or editing the exist work.

Talking about ‘Remix Culture’, the ‘Obama Hope Poster’ (Image1) immediately come up into my mind. As people known, this work is designed by a young designer named Shepard Fairey. And he creates this poster during 2008 U.S presidential election for Obama. However, this guy face up to a lawsuit due to the illegal copyright from a photography. Fairey claims he copy the concept from a picture to create the ‘Obama Hope Poster’, described by Allen(2012) from Telegraph.

obamaImage1.Retrieved from: http://www.obeygiant.com/headlines/obama

In contemporary society, the development of remix culture is becoming a big problem. A large proportion of people take advantages of living in a society with remix culture, however, some people do not think highly of it. There are several reasons that amount of designers and audience sustained the developing of remix culture. In the first place, remix culture reduce the time of production. In traditional culture, designer need spend a lot of time to doing the research,analyzing them, picking up the point…to catch up an idea and develop something. With the remix culture background, designers could add or drop the details from an existing work to create their own piece. It save the progressing time of the work, and easily for people sharing their ideas. Secondly, remix culture offering designers some opportunities to obtain ideas and progress their work. As a designer, obtain ideas from each other is a quite important work. Due to remix culture, people could easily exchange information. Once somebody give a comments for an art work or combine the original work within a new concept, the original designer can find it as soon as possible. This is a great chance for people to gain inspiration, and prove themselves as well. Another advantage for the development of remix culture, which is offering audience get involve with the design work. If everyone could get involve with in design, there will be have much fun! If people living in a remix social background, they could illustrate their opinion through re-do a work. This active possibly making them get much more emotion with the piece of art, rather than just a viewer.

Even if there are such positive influence, there are some problems still impact on professional designers of the remix culture development. The first thing is about copyright. Currently, the developing of remix culture causing a lot of trouble, which significantly challenged on copyright. People could simply find a work from internet, and transfer it without any reference. This behaviours might cause so many issue, for instance, pirated products, designers could lose their money, and even crises of the trust between designers and consumers. As the ‘Obama Hope Poster’ (Image1), due to the copyright thing, the citizens might not trust the election and doubt about the fair in the election as well.

As it descirbed on the above, the developing of remix culture offers both advantages and disadvantages for the professional designer and design industries. People should keep notice when they doing a remix.


Allen,N.(2012).Shepard Fairey, Barack Obama ‘Hope’ Poster Artist Found Guilty of Lying. Retrieved from: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/barackobama/9531809/Shepard-Fairey-Barack-Obama-Hope-poster-artist-found-guilty-of-lying.html

Shepard,F.(2008). Retrieved from: http://www.obeygiant.com/headlines/obama


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