Video: The Importance of Sketching. James Williamson

“Sketching can be one of the most efficient and effective planning tools in a web designers arsenal.” As Williamson said in his teaching video, sketch is a significant tools for designers, web designers especially, to begin what they wanna to do. There are several reasons point that using sketch is much more better than writing codes or using photoshop.

Before analyze why sketch is important for web design, I would like to find out the vital part of website design. As Williamson illustrated on the video(Image.1) there are three points, which are the content strategy, site architecture and user experience, need considered before planning a site.

屏幕快照 2014-10-26 下午9.27.48

Image.1 Planning Sites

First and foremost is, sketching is quite easy and quick to let designers to do the plan. For example, I am try to create my own website. And the photos display on the below (Image 2&3) are the initial idea come up with in no more than 5 mins. It is an easy  used methods to recording an idea with unlimited requires, which just need the designer bring their pen/pencil/marks and the sketchbook with them.  WEB.1

Image.2 Sketch of my website


Image.3 Sketch of my website

Sketching is not only a quick way to do the initial planning, it also offering a flexible working way with low cost. A pencil, an eraser and a sketchbook, people could do it everywhere once they got an inspiration. And they can change anything they do not happy with on the same page. Working on a sketchbook could let let designers express their idea freely, and could explore their concepts without making any costs troubles.

Except the reasons on the above, sketching is a great approach to test ideas. As the image.4 illustrates on the below, designers could using basic materials to describe the situation, which might happen on their design, and test their webpage work or not. They could focus on the typography, lay out and sorts of communication problem. And it helps designer to make their work fun and interesting. Due to all this benefit, a web designer could get a lot proves for his/her user experience.

屏幕快照 2014-10-26 下午10.43.22

Image.4 Sketching is easy to test ideas.

To be summery, sketching is important for designer, due to it flexible, low cost and easy to get inspiration tools. And people could get more benefit if they are doing more practice of sketch.



Retrieved From: http://www.lynda.com/Web-Web-Design-tutorials/importance-sketching/150166/164888-4.html

Image2&3 Personal sketching.


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