Conclusion: 20th.OCT.2014 Monday Group Work Session

This Monday we have a group workshop required us to solve an open ended problem with 15mins and some materials. Our group have the question named: How might a public park encourage and facilitate communication and interaction among residents, as image.1 showed on the below.

Photo_1026_11bImage.1 Question

We are doing the Brainstorming(Image.2) before create the system. Our group mates come up some idea about the theme that the public park would hold, and which kind of facilities might have in the park. We are considering to combine the theme with the original facilities to create an activities.

Photo_1026_10bImage.2 Brainstorming

The final idea is let residents to using hearing sense to get involve with the game and communication to each others. There will be a four parts system in the public park, which include film play area, buffet area and game area. People have two choices when they get into the park, for on hand is join the film watching group, to watch a short film; on the other hand, they will go to the game area directly. We create the handmade phones, by using some ropes and plastic cup, as our main tools. Resident who decided watch the film will go to the game area, and they need use the handmade phone, narrate the store of the film, to the person who do not watch it. And then, the hearing person need tell the store to the public, and the holder will announced the right answer. If the pair of residents got the right answers, they will received two free buffet ticket, to talk to other people as well.

I think the most significant concept in our design is using the hearing sense to offering the audience some fun experiences, and hopefully let them wanna to get involved within the activities.


Image1&2 Personal Photography.


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