This Monday we have a ‘Sketching Session’ with Andy, it is full of practice and FUN!

There are some details of what I am seeing and drawing on that session. The first thing we are practice for sketching is sketch some basic elements (Image.1), such as lines, arrows, hands, people and words/Alphabet. We need drew as much as we could in 10 mins.


Image.1 Practice of Sketching Basic Elements

After warm up, Andy hand out some little pieces of toys to let us illustrated the movement stuffs (Image.2,3&4) via sketching. It becomes a little tricky, because it is hard to display a ‘movement’. However, I have some really funny illustration after that session that shows on the below (Image.5).

   1103_11 1103_8

Image.2&3 Movement of Noise1103_12

Image.4 Moving Robert Dog


Image.5 Practice of Sketching Movements

Sketching is interesting and useful for designer to record their ideas, lives or just for fun. I would like to do more practice from this session:)


Image.1&5 Personal Sketching & Photography.

Image.2,3&4 Personal Photography.


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