Reading: Post-digital Print-A Future Scenario & Video: Transforming the Magazine Experience with WIRED

This week’s topic is about the relationship between traditional and digital publication. Traditional publication could understand as print publication, for instance, newspapers, magazines and books. As the video shows on the below (image.1&2). It could telling some stories and display itself.

         wek7-magazine   wek7-magazine.2

Image.1&2 Print Publication

The digital publication looks much more like a carrier, which obtain content and quantity of information with interactive. It include online publication methods, such as websites, applications version. As the video illustrated (image.3,4&5).

wek7-web.1   wek7-web.5

Image.3 Online/Website Version Publication                Image.4 iPad version


Image.5 iPhone Version

With the developing of publication methods, digital publication becoming more important rather than print publication. As traditional publication, digital version print have rich story telling and narrative architecture. Though, there are several reasons made it acts significant. The first reason is, web or app version of a magazine include more than one broadcast approaches. People could only watch 2D stuff on a printed magazine, However, digital magazines offer them different type of experience to read a magazine. Audience could not only read the text, also can watching videos or hearing sounds from the websites or mobile applications.

Secondly, digital magazine is muti-dimentional. By using traditional publication, consumers could watch a stuff from one angle that printed on the magazine or book. With e-publication, they have 360° ability turn around to observe an image or a stuff. As image.6 displayed.


Image.6 iPad Version: Muti-Dimentional

The third reason is website and applications offering consumers social features. Once people read an interesting topic or images, it is easily to share the article or the picture to their online social network. Such as Facebook and Twitter, the information in both societies are mess. The digital media also increase the speed of spread the information. Not like traditional methods, online info goes quickly. Things happen immediately possibly will be seeking on the internet 10 seconds later.

Even there are many reasons that digital publication is more convince than the printed way, there are some people preferring printed stuff. Due to the phenomenon, there are some ‘hybrids’ come out. Pdf version of books and magazines represent as a remix, which take the advantages from both print publication and e-publication. And the trend of the developing of publication creatively combing the best standards and interactive of digital and print publication.


Image.1-6 Adobe TV. Transforming the Magazine Experience with WIRED.

Retrieved form: http://tv.adobe.com/watch/digital-publishing/transforming-the-magazine-experience-with-wired/


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