Reading: What is Visualization.& Information or Data Visualization

Due to the diversity of information visualization in mass projects, it is hard to brief the definition about it. However, people could understand information visualization “as a mapping, which between discrete data and a visual representation”, as Manovich (2010) described in his article What Is Visualization. It means information visualization is kind of technique, which could transfer a mass and complex database into a simple, clear and understandable picture for users. In order to make a information visualization works well for target audience, the designers need keep notice when they are working. There are two examples I found from the website, which illustrate on the below.

The first example works well and effective. Please look at image.1, it obtain the inspiration of Jewelry design by editing people’s location in specific area. The shape of the visual information is clear and simple. The visual work of the database offering the details, such as the time and the place where they collect or create the database. And the most important reason make is works is clearly explain the aim of the database collection. It design a Jewelry for people who is doing a specific activity in a  particular space, as image.2 and image.3 showed.


Image.1 Turn Your Location Into Jewelry With Meshu


Image.2 Location for Iceland (2012)             Image.3 Location for Eyeo Festival (2011)

To summarize, if designers wanna create a effective visual information they need following three rules,

  • Using simple shapes and outlines
  • Illustrate the specific time and place 
  • Show the reason or topic of the Information Visualization (by Illustration or words)

The second one is less effective and possibly a little bit difficult to understand, as image.4 obtained on the below.


Image.4&5 Weeplaces Project

The reason why example one is effective, is because the designer follow the three rules to create the visual work. On the contrary, second example do not executes very well. The first reason I think the second work is not effective is not point out the topic of this project. Audience could not understand the topic of this visualization data. Secondly, the information about the location, time or date of this project is barely recognize. The third reason makes this visual data unsuccessful is the mass information. The meaning of each numbers and lines is unclearly.

In my opinion, an effectively visualization of database need create with a clearly topic; point out the specific time, date and space that collect this information and also need use some simple and clear outlines to describe the data into visualization.


Manovich,L. (2010). What Is Visualisation. [online] Retrieved from:



Image1,2&3 Turn Your Location Into Jewelry With Meshu. Retrieved from: http://datavisualization.ch/showcases/turn-your-location-into-jewelry-with-meshu/

Image.4&5 Weeplaces Project. Retrieved from: http://www.visualcomplexity.com/vc/project.cfm?id=732


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