Conclusion: 17.NOV.2014 Monday Group Work Session-Data Visualization

This week, we have a group workshop for data visualization, on Monday.

In this session, there are four people in our group. And the topic is to create a 3D model to represent our personal info. or histories. Each person comes up few ideas, and finally we choose to illustrated the Spectacle Lens Power of each members.

After choose the topic, we recoded each members Spectacle Lens Power and then started with a bar graph. The bar chart included right and left Spectacle Lens Power for four of us, as image.1 showed on the below.


Image.1 Bar Graph

Then, we started to create our system. The model based on light control, and we would like our audience could feel fun and attractive. We named our topic as ‘Find out the Spectacle Lens Power of our group members’, reveals as Image.2. We try to use the distance to illustrate the length of Spectacle Lens Power for each of our members. So we mount some paper stars on some ropes in front of the screen, and put them in different position to represent the distance. Due to the light power, the shape of the stuff turned clear when the paper is close to the screen, or blur once it away from the screen (Image.3). It means, when someone’s Spectacle Lens Power getting better, as close to the screen, he/she will see the stuffs clear; otherwise,the stuff looks unclear.

  Photo_1117_24b  Photo_1117_14c

Image.2 Theme of Our Work                Image.3 Outcomes Look

In order to let people have a identification, we add 1000 degree and 0 degree Spectacle Lens Power into the data. It could helps audience understand the topic and to make comparison of different Spectacle Lens Power. There also amount the average number of each members’ Spectacle Lens Power on the same stripe with the ‘paper star’, which in case audience lost (Image.4). The final outcome looks exactly like Image.5, and it works every well.

Photo_1117_21a  Photo_1117_32a

Image.4&5 Final Outcomes


All Images Personal Photography


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