Conclusion: 8.DEC.2014 Monday Group Work Sesseion-Blue Whale Application

This week on Monday, we have a group work session for mapping the user experience. And our theme topic is about the blue whale.

Base on last week’s London Trip, we need to post-it the actives, feelings and thinking of our users or audiences on to the big white board. We are really exciting and proud of our final result, which illustrated on the below (Image5), So we took a ‘star’ to represent us as a group, as image1 displays on the below.


Image1.Group Member Union

The very first thing to start making that map is brief our group name and what are we investigate for. So we create some ‘decoration’ for our board (Image2). Then we start working on the user experience map.


Image2. Group Board

There are five people include me in this group, we are wrote down the key words and sentences from the audience, who we interviewed or talk on the London trip. And try to find out some inspiration to create our application.


Image3&4. Noting and Stick the poet-it on to our board


Image5. Final Result


All Images from Personal Photography.


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