Conclusion:Semester 1 Task Review-From Assessment 1 to 6

In this semester there are totally six main projects for Design1 portfolio, which include the cultural probe design, idea and concept task, data visualization project, user experience investigate, ideation and information design and the perfect mock up for application design.

For all of these projects, the second task-ideation and concepts, as well as the final app design task I feel most confident. I am really enjoyed to achieve the ideation and concepts task. The brief of this task is to make the tube traveler feels more comfort and connect with the London Underground. In the beginning of the project, there were some troubles for me to come up the roughly rough sketch ideas. After I took short break to think about my real experiences with London underground and some discuss with my friends, there are so many ideas just pump out my head (Image 1). Even some of the ideas are imaginational structure and over-phantasm; I still find satisfaction in what I do in this project.


Image1. Roughly Rough Sketch

Those two ideas are based on my personal experiences, and the inspiration come from both Beijing and Stockholm Metro. Due to the fancy design in each station, subway still as my favorite transport in Beijing, even it is crowed. The tube station design with diversity themes, for instance, line 8 have several stations for the Olympic Games Stadium, so they use a mount of relevant print and decorations to built the station, and it makes people get involved with the outside views.  The other idea is inspirit by Stockholm subway. They made it more like a fantasy scene; change the atmosphere in the station. Therefore, I combine tube’s advantages with offering two resolve plans. The first one is change the decoration in the subway, it makes user to get involve with the ground city; the second one is to build the tube coached with diversity themes or activities to encourage travelers contact with each other. Also for this task, I realized that sketch is important, and doing prototype is helps to find out the concept.

Talking about the last task, it is a combination part in this semester. We have a great opportunity to visit the Natural History Museum in London to view the exhibition and talk with the other audience in the first place. Also I am always aware to figure out who is the target in the beginning, due to the second week’s course and readings.  With analyze the information, I find out that teenagers those who aged between 11-20 years old could be my potential target, because they are not interested in the show. After doing the user experience map (Image 3), I found out most of the teenagers like interactive technologies with some fun.


Image3 . User Experience Map

Therefore, I design the application as a combine of educational and game function. Young people could get knowledge and have fun with same app, which shows on the below (Image 4,5&6).


Image4 .App Design Homepage

Assessment6-Frame.Final-03 Assessment6-Frame.Final-06

Image5&6 . App Design Education & Game Part

The part I am not satisfied is the assessment 5 mock up design. I did not quite understand it in the first place. I thought it just to create two version of the layout of the App, and did not prepare for the persona and core concept. I will focus on the core concept and offering the design a theme before begin to think about the detail stuffs in the future work.


All Images from Personal Sketch, Design and Photography.



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