Reading: Affordances-An Introduction & Video: D, Norman-Affordances. 

According to Don Norman (2011) on his video Affordances, “The value of a well-designed object is where it has such a great setup affordances that people who use it can do things with it that the designer never imagined.” It means, users currently becoming as creators. They are not just receive the messages as usually, also provide new ideas in to on things. And the situation as Rosen (2006) briefs, there are plenty number of audience turned themselves as broadcaster. Due to the role changes, the affordances of one thing get diversity.

Question-What are the Affordances of a contemporary smartphone?

To answer this question, I would like offering two aspects to diverse the affordance of a smartphone. Initially, the affordances are the basic functions, which the designers offering to the the smartphone. It could be seems as make phone calls, send texts, online searching, photo shots, play musics and so on (Image1).


Image.1 iPhone 6

The other aspect of affordance will change with the time, space and situations the users be. For examples, the images displays on the below (image2&3) appear the ‘New’ methods to play with your iPhone and that is bend it! Things like that happen due to some consumers found their new iPhone 6Plus been bend few days after they brought it. Then amount of people took the video to introduce and to show how it really happens. And that is exactly an unexpected affordance from the phone producer.

 屏幕快照 2015-01-11 下午7.44.50屏幕快照 2015-01-11 下午7.45.20

Image.2&3 Bend the iPhone 6Plus

Base on the mess persuade backgrounds, the affordance of contemporary smartphone will turn a lot changes. Wish there will more fun methods to use our smartphones rather as the basic phone.


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