Conclusion: 26.Jan.2015 Monday Workshop-Smart Cities

This Monday, we have a workshop to develop and to find one system in smart city, and our group’s topic is ‘Public Toilet’ system.

As it display on the below (Image 1), we use the P.A.C.T framework to guide our research. We also discuss the methods, which from the Ideo Method Cards, to investigate our topic system. The Two methods we think will be use for the investigation are ‘Competitive Product Survey’ and ‘Fly On The Wall’. The first method means the researcher need to collect, compare and conduct evaluations of diverse public toilet. Then to establish the function and performance between the targets. The other methods, Fly on the wall, means to observe and record the target systems. With the collected database, designers could get some useful information about the public toilet system via analyze the data.

IMG_5095Image1. Public Toilet System Finding


Personal Sketch and Photography


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