Screen Print Session-27.Jan.2015 Tuesday

Today, we have a re-fresh session about Screen Print. The first thing to do the Screen Print is to coat the screen. The method to coat a screen is to do it from buttom to the top, which illustrates as image 1 and 2. And we need coat both front and back side of the screen.

IMG_5112 IMG_5114

Image.1&2 Coat the Screen

After coated the screen, it needs a almost 4 hours to dry the screen. So basically, people should prepared the screen one day before the ‘real print’.

Once we lighten the illustration on to the screen, and finish all the prepare work, we can begin to do the Scree Print. As it mentioned on the below (Image 3) , designers need screen print the  images on a film, and use it to measure the pattern in the right position on the paper.


Image.3 Begin to Print

There are two ways to do the Screen Print. The first one is the usual method, which is do the print by our arms; the other one is use the ‘machine’ on the Screen Print Bed to do the job (Image 4). The second method to use the scrub (Image 5&6) is more suitable for people who would like to do the large format print.


Image.4 Set up the Scrub

IMG_5120 IMG_5121

Image. 5&6 Second Method to Use the Scrub

There are several screen print result from this Session displays on the below (Image.7,8&9).


Image.7 A Mix of Screen Print&Letterpress


Image.7 A Mix of Screen Print&Letterpress


Image.7 Screen Print Result in Combination Colour


Personal Photographies and Screen Print Results


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