Reading: Critical Design FAQ & Video: Speculative everything.

“A shift from designing for how the world is…. To … to designing for how the world could be.” As Dunne (2013) described in his talk, speculative design represent a shift from Realism to Idealism. It means, the speculative design works critically. Designers not only create stuffs, but also emphasizing the other possibilities beyond solving problems. Critical design is a research through design methodology to figure out the value of the work.

According to the reading, critical design is on the opposite of affirmative design: design that reinforces the status quo. The different from conventional approaches to critical design is, it maintains human being thinking, sparking debates, grows up awareness, exploring assumptions, or some intellectual entertaining.

Critique with humors

As the fellow works on the below (Image 1) that create by Brain Frandsen. The project named ‘how art and design can challenge the way we look at our bodies and ourselves.’ Recently, how to keep a perfect body look is a challenge for people. This project explores what happens when we are met with our own visual representation through pictures, thoughts and design.richard-historie-1024x282

Image 1. Example

It may seem wired, when the audience takes the first sight of the work. However, with more observation, people could think the depth of the meanings. Such as, why they present as this way, how the outfitter present, or what the materials does they use to make the outfitters, etc.

In summary, critical design helps designers to think depth of the ideas and figure out the value of the design or the ideas.


Dunne, A. (2013). Speculative everything.

Retrieved from: https://vimeo.com/65074246



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