Conclusion-23.Feb.2015 Monday Group Workshop

This Monday we have a exciting and fascinating workshop with Luke, who from Kin Design on Monday. This is a session with two tasks, which are create a Smart City Zine and to do a short presentation about our smart city include 2 or 3 of our systems. Here are some ideas and works from that session.

The image1&2 illustrated the moment how we create and combine our systems together.


Image 1. Smart City Zine


Image 2. Creating the Zine

There are several ideas that we sketched about our Smart City. The first idea our group member think great is the combination of climate control system with different tools, for instance the skateboard (Image 3). The climate control device could benefit people in a horrible weather, skaters could roller it on a heavy snow street. The climate control devices could getting energy from the activities, once there are some snows in front of the street, they will automatically works to heating the board and melting the snow.


Image 3. Idea Combination 1

The second idea is to use fitness Apps and CCTV to help parents control their kids when they are not around (Image 4). Each kids will wearing a fitness devices when they are outside, and their parents could watch the kids’ activities and journeys with a special Apps. That Application could get connect with social CCTV, adults could check their children’s position at anywhere with internet. The devices also connect with police office, once there are some unusual things happening to the kids, the device will automatically send an alarm to both parents and police to make sure the kids’ safety.


Image 4. Idea Combination 2

The Third idea combined the climate control system with CCTV (Image 5). The Climate Control device will have the face recognise function, once there are some unusual faces showing around the house, the masters could receive the confirmed messages to secure their property.


Image 5. Idea Combination 3

The fourth idea combined with three of our systems, which are Vending Machines, Fitness Apps/Devices and Climate control systems. The idea based on to help people have a great and fun journey when they buy something from a vending machine. Our idea is people need to have a little bit ‘exercise’ to get the foods or drinks from the vending machine. The higher of the energy the foods/drinks include, the ‘dance’ will be more complex. Also, there is a climate control system inside the machine. People could select the temperature of the things, and their ‘dance’ could provide the energy to heating or cooling their foods/drinks.


Image 6. Idea Combination 4

The final exciting idea is a heating cloth (Image 7). The fitness devices people wearing could exchange the energy from their activities to powers. And the power will sue as the provide to heating or cooling the clothes. If anyone have a cloth like this, they would have a really good time with diversity weathers and situation.


Image 7. Idea Combination 5

The images show on the below (Image 8&9) are the base module of our ideas. Our group members do enjoy the time to work together and come up some creative ideas.


Image 8. Fitness Device Module


Image 9.Climate Control+Fitness Devices+Vending Machine Module


Personal Photographies and Group Sketching.


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