WEEK21:Drivers of Changes

Reading: Drivers Of Changes-Arup Foresight 

This week we are having an practice of ‘Change of Drivers’, which required us to find out the issues from diversity drivers. Then we need figure out the relevant between our topic system and those issues to resolve the problems. My topic is about Fitness App and Wearable Devices, and I do a brainstorming with different issues in different drivers that illustrated as below (Image1,2,3&4). There are three issues and method of resolves make me exciting. Those issues and drivers are: Eco-Cities (Driver: Urbanisation), bionic humans (Driver: Demographics) and Livestock (Driver: Food).

As the Image1 shows, the first issues I found interesting is Eco-cities, which inspired me to create a electric recycle system with fitness Apps or Devices. Due to the contemporary cities concerns a lot with electricities, the future of our cities will face to a huge threat, such as lack of electric. If the independent electronic devices could charging for themselves, it will save amount of energy for our cities. And could helps us to build a better futures.


Image 1. Roughly Rough 1-Idea about Eco-cities

The second idea interested me from my roughly rough sketches is Bionic Humans. There are a number of people worried about the fast developing of high technique will influence on our community with other human beings. For instance the fitness apps, people could just walk, run or doing any things with their phones rather than with their families or friends as usual. So the idea is about to create an fitness devices, which have a chip could set inside human beings body. When people go outside by their own and feel alone, the chip could connect their friends or families and have a ‘Brain Talk’. Therefore, people could have exercise and a company everywhere.


Image 2. Roughly Rough 2-Idea about Bionic Humans

The third idea that fond of me is to create a Fitness Devices/Apps for livestock. As some people awareness, there are some e-collars developed for dogs recently. The main idea of the e-collars is to set free of both the pets and their owners. The animals could go anywhere by them own, and the owners would not so worry about they do not have time with the pet. My idea is to use the animal Fitness Devices to monitor the health issues about the individual livestocks and offering some suggestions or feedbacks. The farmers could use those advices to treat their animals in a better methods. It not only helps the farmers, which helps the livestocks as well. Each animals could have a customised feed project that let them growth well.


Image 3. Roughly Rough 3-Idea about Livestock


Image 4. Roughly Rough 4

The biggest issues to create the smart cities I think is how to make stuffs functional and easy to use. It not just need be functional, also need to be thoughtful for diversity users.


Personal Photographies and Sketching.


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