Readings: spontaneousinterventions.org/INTERVENTIONS; senseable.mit.edu; sentientcity.net/exhibit/?p=73

Base on the Monday’s workshop, I got some inspiration of the systems combination for smart city and there are some precisely rough sketches illustrates my ideas on the below (Image 1,2,3&4).

The first idea of the system helps people live a healthy life. It include the fitness devices and climate control system into a vending machine. Users need to have a ‘dance’ to get what they want from the machine.The energy from their ‘dance’ will exchange to the power to provide the vending machine’s working, for instance heating or cooling their chosen supplements.


Image 1. Health Vending Machine

The second idea could be understand as a high security monitor of children. This system include the fitness devices, public CCTV and smart phones (Image 2). Basically, the working theory of this system is long distance monitor. Each kids will wearing a fitness devices or a chip, and their parents could watch their activities and position with a special application. Through that application, parents can see their child on their smartphones from a closed public CCTV. The system could automatically update the kids; database to the police office as well. Once the monitor found a issue with the kids, it will send messages to both the kids parents and police office. This system could build a high security protect around children.


 Image 2. Parents Control System

The third idea’s target on creating and using green powers, it include the fitness devices and playground systems. As amount of people aware, playground works as a green space. It not only describe it is a place with plenty of plant, also mentioned it works as a public area with limited use of powers. This idea is to create a ‘healthy and cleaning’ park with recycle energy. As the image shows on the below (Image 3), the floor of the playground build likes a huge trigger. It could collect the energy from each user’s steps and exchange it to the power, which provide the electricity on the public park.


Image 3. Green Power

My fourth idea named as fitness conditioner, which inspirit by the third idea. As the name illustrated, it is a fitness device works as a heater. The device designed in three main part, collect&exchange power part, a temperature monitor and the heating and cooling conditioner part on the cloth. the collect and exchange system could gathering the energy from users activities, and use the exchanged power to provide the work for the other parts. With enough power, the monitor could record the temperature of the users. If the system analyse the temperature is not perfect for the human beings, it will turn the conditioner on to warm or cooling the clothes to make the user feel more comfortable.


Image 4. Fitness Conditioner


Personal Photographies and Sketching.


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