Reading: Flaws of the Smart City – Design Friction Kit

Flaw: #1 Loss of Privaty

System: Fitness Apps& Wearable Devices (Sharing the fitness database)

Evil genius design: The device could collect and share the users’ fitness database to his/hers friends or family members. If the users do not finish the daily fitness process as it been set up, his/hers could know and will supervised the users.

Flaw: #4 Infrastructure First

System: Fitness Apps& Wearable Devices/Playground/Street Light

Evil genius design: Users could unlock the diversity function of the devices by doing ethical fitness, which is in the specific areas in the public playground. There will have some special area for citizens to exchanges their energy as the power to provide the public equipment (such as street light or vending machines) works.

Flaw: #7 Authoritarian Setup

System: Fitness Apps& Wearable Devices

Evil genius design: The App/Device could monitor the users schedule and activities. If the user does not drink water, have Breakfast/lunch/dinner, or do some exercise during the specific time, the devices will automatically shutdown the electricity around the person to force the user take more care of his/hers health.


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