Exhibition Process: Group-On The Way 

This week we are preparing to exhibit our smart city-On the Way. There are five people in our group, which are Samantha, Nicola, Anna, Zoey, and myself. During the time, each of our group members works really hard for their system, also helps a lot for each others.

We have several times of meeting to do the brainstorming,s discuss the methods of present our smart city logo, the layout for exhibitions, and the way to combine each others systems. We also create an amazing module – Fitness Vending Machine, during a workshop session in the class. And we use some photos to display the process of how we come up the ideas to made it real of that module.

In the time to process the work, we also asked to make a 8 pages Zine to illustrate our thinks. I feel it is a useful way for people to gathering ideas and get inspiration from other designers or works. Our zines shows on the exhibition as well.

From the process of this small exhibition, i realised how significant about team work. And I learnt a lot from my teammates.

Image 1. Prepare for Exhibition 1

Image 2. Prepare for Exhibition 2


Image 3. Final layout for Exhibition


Image 4. Exhibit of our Zines


Image 1-4. Personal Photography


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