Week30: Speculative Design Videos

Video: List of Videos From Diigo.com

This week we watched several examples of Speculative design project videos, and learnt about how to make a good communicate film.

The video that I feel communicate well is: Therefore I Am

The Link is: https://vimeo.com/86547683

This is one film I feel it works quite well, and there are some reasons make this video communicate successfully.

·This video works well because of it have a good storytelling, which let their audience easily to understand the idea of the video. It illustrates the whole actives of how people could use the prenatal diagnostics machine. Due to the shooter shows the methods of how people use the machine steps by steps, the audience could know the concept of the story immediately.

·Secondly, the video maker use a special background music combine with the black and white colour (Image 2), which creates a mysterious and an unpredictable experience. It will attract audience to looking forward to know the end of the story.

屏幕快照 2015-04-26 下午11.57.56

Image 2.Black&White

·Finally, this film present the final diagnosis (Image 3) of the test in the end, and it represent the value of this project. It also may attracts people’s interests and wanna to try the test as well.

屏幕快照 2015-04-26 下午11.57.43

Image 3.Result

The Video that makes me feel unclear and less effective is:

Figures of Perception – Toolset to generate and share a collective data-fiction

The link is:https://vimeo.com/31846640

The concept of this project is quite interesting, however, it works less well than the Therefore I Am video. I think, there are two reasons make this video less effective. In the first place, this video did not clearly explained how does the messages appear or print on to a notebook.  Secondly, the visual languages works not every well in this film. It did not illustrates the relations between the electronic pen and the ‘message appear’ thing. People could be confusing about how does the ”message appear’ thing get and ‘print’ the information. Thirdly, there is not having any explanation visually or auditory, and it also let the audience hard to understand the concepts of this project.

All in all, in order to make a effectively video, people should be careful of the visual storytelling in a video. Colour and the background music is important to attract their audience. The last but by no means the least is to describe the value/concept of the project.




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