Some Ideas and sketches of Navigation and Kit Design.

The first idea come from a ancient Chinese game, which named 7even Tangram. As my thought, I planed to create the map in different layers, and print it on the tracing paper. In each layer, it will offers the information from one aspect of the city. Such as, the bottom layer should be the road distributes, the food&drinks information, attraction info, carpark info, and so on could be separate in diverse layer in the middle. For the front layer, it could be the project’s name. It will use one colour as a block in each layer, and they could be seen in both separate and together. Users could combine them in different ways, which might add some interests into the navigation.

Image 1.Map design Idea.1

The second idea I am thinking to use some simple sketches to illustrates different landform. And the viewers could guess the meaning of each icons.


Image 2.Map design Idea.2

The third idea is to create the map as a paper game. However, after the personal tutorial I talk with my tutor, we both think it might made the users more confuse and sad to do the map reading.


Image 3.Map design Idea.3

This is the initial idea that how I would like to create the kit and the tourist information guide. But I would like to make the guide open in landscape. So I do not follow this idea.


Image 4.Kit Cover Design Idea.1

The second idea comes from the outlines of the envelope. I think the consumers may want get and put the navigation and information guide easily. The users may not familiar with the city of Winchester, so they need get the map several times during the trip. And the open on front side, so they do not need worry about the inside stuff might drop off when they are walking. The different between idea 2.1 (see image 5) and 2.2 (see image 6)  is the layout and some details.


Image 5.Kit Cover Design Idea.2.1


Image 6.Kit Cover Design Idea.2.2


All Images. Self Sketching and Photograph.


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