The Final Result Process.

  • Map-This designed as the winchester city centre maps, which shows several relevant information of visit Winchester. This map need to be use with the Tourist Guide and the compass.

Map      +Legend

Image 1. Navigation       Image 2. Add Legend

+Triangle      +Text

Image 3. Add Triangle       Image 4. Add Text


Image 5.Add Attraction Information

  • Guide Design-Audiences could find the informations from five different aspect, for instance, the introduction of Winchester(the welcome page), how to use the map with compass (the compass page), attractions information (attraction page), food&drinks information and the car park information.


Image 6. Guide Cover

Welcome       Welcome.2

Image 7. Welcome Page.1       Image 8. Welcome Page.2

Compass        Attraction

Image 9. Compass Page         Image 10. Attraction Page

F&D        Car Park

Image 11. Food&Drink Page           Image12. Car Park Page

  • Postcard Design-Users could send it to their families or friends to remind the wonderful trip to winchester.

A6.PostCard.Final3         A6.PostCard.Final5        A6.PostCard.Final7

Image 13.Postcard Front.1                 Image 14.Postcard Front.2              Image 15.Postcard Front.3


Image 13.Postcard Back

  • Kit Cover Design-I wanna make the Kit cover become attractive visually, which also have connection with the project targets. Therefore, I used the outline of the map design combined with some diagrams to create the kit cover.


Image 14. Kit Cover


All Image.  Self Designed.


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