Idea come up and Logo Design Process.

As the photography I took from my sketchbook, it illustrates the mind mapping of the logo design. Talking about to design the icon for my project, the first image comes to my mind is compass. So I checked some compass’s outlines and try to design a graphic shape for the compass, in the first place.  Image 1. Sketch


Image 2. B&W Logo


Image 3.Final Logo



A Study of Design A Fancy Map.


Image 1. How to Design a Town Map

1. Draw the terrain and the major locations

How to draw towns - major locations

Image 2.

2. Place the major roads

How to draw towns - main roads

Image 3.

3. Add the minor roads

How to draw towns - minor roads

Image 4.

4. Draw in the houses

Tutorial on how to draw fantasy town maps - last fill in all the houses in the town as a whole.

Image 5.

By following the steps, I know the basic way to create a map, therefore, I am going to make a city map of Winchester. On the below, it shows the initial idea of my map design work. And it also might be used as the patten on my kit cover design as well.


Image 6. Initial Map Design



WEEK40: Poking the system

Poking the System and Explore the Potential Problem. 

By poke the system of my topic-Navigations to discuss the advantages and disadvantages in the traditional and Electronic Navigations.

Here is the competition that shows on the below.

Advantages of Traditional Navigations:

  • Traditional maps could illustrates the surroundings
  • Traditional navs offers more information of the destination and other attractions etc.
  • Traditional navigations could use every time, users do not need worry about powers or signals.
  • It is environments friendly, which could be reused or recycled.

Disadvantages of Traditional Navigations:

  • It cannot show or point the directions. Users need to have the ability to read the compass.
  • It might be broken.
  • The letters might be tiny and user may hardly to see.

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

Image 1. Poking the Traditional Navigation System

Advantages of satellite Navigations:

  • The Sat Nav could shows the direction to the user
  • It can zoom in and out.
  • It is quick to find the way when the device connect with Internet.

Disadvantages of Satellite Navigations:

  • It reliant on Internet and power.
  • It need updates terminally.
  • People may focus more on following the advice rather than look the surroundings.

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

Image 2. Poking the Electronic Navigation System

Base on the analyse, I think I could use all the strength of the traditional maps with some proof tools to create a work to encourage younger generations to use printed map and improve their traditional navigation reading skills.


Image 1&2. Self Drawing and Photograph.


How to combine Our Five Sense into the Navigations.  

I found some interesting examples of map design. Generally, when someone point out maps, people will think it as the stuff which can be seen. Because map is the stuff, which provide visual signs to the audience.

Smell York offering a remind to designers that people do have other sense rather than sight. And all of these sense could be a signal.Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 12.57.11

Image 1. Smell York Webpage

Another examples comes from the BBC News, which indicates the National Trust asks public to record seaside sounds and intend to create an audio archive.

屏幕快照 2015-08-21 下午12.06.13

Image 2. the BBC News


User Experiences Map.

By drawing user experiences map to analyse the Extreme/Specific audience. Base on my research question, I use the Ideo Method ‘try it your self’ to test the traditional and electronic navigations. After the test, I am record all my experiences with this two user experience map, and to find out who might be my target audience. 

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Image 1.Traditional Navigation User Experience Map

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

Image 2.Satellite Navigation User Experience Map


Image 1&2 Self Experience& Drawing piece.

Week 36: P.A.C.T


Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

Image 1. P.A.C.T TableChart

Using P.A.C.T methods to analyse the users and conditions of traditional navigation. With this chart, I found that there are several kind of people potentially already lose their map reading skills. For instance, the younger generation, who born with the New Media Era, these people might never use a traditional map ever. Therefore, I need to do more research about the age group and to specific my design user group.


Image 1. Self Drawing& Photograph